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Dependable Installation Services

man installing a bulb
drilling a hole in the wood with the machine

Let Us Handle Your Installation Services

Are you planning to renovate your property? If yes, Emard Bros. Lumber connects you to many local experts specifically dedicated to your construction or remodelling requirements. We have built strong and trustworthy relationships with our contractors over the years, and have nothing but utmost confidence that their work will exceed your expectations. The installation recommendation services we offer are available in Cornwall and surrounding areas.

Windows and doors

Furnaces and air conditioners



Kitchen cupboards

Hot water tanks


and more...

The services offered by the installers are efficient and highly professional. Also, our sales staff will oversee the job from start to finish.

We’re Strong on Service

Emard Bros. Lumber is your one-stop-shop for all building supplies and construction materials in Cornwall.

kitchen being renovated
View of a renovation work in progress in kitchen
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