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Seasonal Products And Outdoor Furniture

outdoor chair and tables
View of garden chair and table

Emard Lumber knows the importance of outdoor living. We bring you the most exciting products and accessories from the best suppliers in the region. Emard Lumber keeps both the BIG GREEN EGG kamado charcoal grill and Green Mountain BBQ in stock and our prices are the best in the area. We go as far as assembling your furniture or BBQ and will deliver right to your doorstep. Our staff will even help you learn how to use the product. With a courtyard full of amazing products, come take a walk around and see how you can transform your back yard into a space you won’t want to leave.

Enjoy Your Outdoors

Brands We Carry

Green Mountain Grill Machine
View of a shed

We’re Strong on Service

Emard Bros. Lumber is your one-stop-shop for all building supplies and construction materials in Cornwall.

View of outdoor seats on a deck
View of outdoor seats on a deck
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